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Always at TWO-O

VONDEL silver walnut watch 39mm
€ 149.95
RIJKS silver walnut watch 44mm
€ 189.95
DE PIJP silver zebrano watch 39mm
€ 149.95
WATERLOO suede walnut watch 39mm
€ 149.95
JORDAAN suede zebrano watch 39mm
€ 149.95

Sustainable design, made with passion for craftsmanship

At TWO-O we embrace modern craftsmanship. We create products in an authentic way with wood and metal. Sustainable wood and metal that lasts longer. Sustainability isn’t a goal but a necessity. We breathe craftsmanship and strive to show this in all our designs we make. For the newest collection we received inspiration from typical Dutch delights like ‘Gezelligheid’(close to cozy), ‘Borrelen’ (eating and drinking with friends) and the bicycle. Walnut is leading in the new collection and recurs in all designs. This rich wood type has class and enriches itself easily with gold accents in the side tables and lamps. Everything comes together in our sustainable design. Pure craftsmanship, passion, and beauty. With this, we show that quality always wins from quantity. We don’t just believe it, we know it.