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€ 374.95

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  • Height: 80,5 cm
  • Length: 53 cm
  • Width: 50,5 cm
  • Color: Amsterdam Arena red
  • Material: plastic seat, black steel frame, Walnut wooden railing
  • Sitting: Unique seat number from the Amsterdam Arena


Amsterdam is deeply embedded in our DNA. It is the place where we have grown up, found love and founded TWO-O. She feeds us with everything we need to have it right. When we received the message that the chairs of the Amsterdam Arena were going to be sold, we immediately started fantasizing. There are only a few things more ‘Amsterdamser’ than the interior of the Arena. And there are only a few things more TWO-O than interior and Amsterdam. With an ode to the back number of Johan Cruijff we have put every color, limited, 14 times on the market.

The idea that we had, got a last push when the farewell message from our Mayor Eberhard became public. “Take care of each other and Amsterdam.” We found it too easy to just say: I think so too! or ‘Like’. That is why we decided to continue our idea. With these chairs we contribute to the Ajax Foundation, which works for disadvantaged young people.

On top of that is the new destination for the stadium seats, the ultimate form of sustainability. Upcycling of the chairs means, in addition to loving each other and the city, also being kind to the environment. We all have something to do with that.

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