Steel works

We produce custom made steel projects in an authentic way. We do this with specialists in the field of metalworking in our workshop. With love for the craft we realize all kinds of projects. Our customers don’t just order from us online, but appreciate our personal approach and advice in the execution of your custom made idea. We can advise in form, use of materials and load-bearing capacity. For both large series and single pieces, you can request a quote from us. In cooperation with our technical designers, we realize perfectly finished custom steel. Whether it is a custom steel plate, steel stairs, steel window frames, a brass table frame, a custom wine cabinet, rack for glasses, custom brass handles or a bar. Of various types of metal such as stainless steel, brass, copper and (black) steel. We can provide operations such as welding, punching, drilling, making the furniture into a complete custom interior installed on location. For these operations we have all the knowledge in house. Our design department can also assist you in the design phase. Our engineers ensure that the complexity is kept to a minimum and, where necessary, we provide advice with a sense of functionality and an eye for quality.


We do TIG AND MIGS language machining in various ways. By means of TIG and MIG methods, for example. TIG welding is a specific welding technique. A very high welding quality can be achieved with TIG welding. In contrast to welding with coated electrode and MIG/MAG welding – the filler material must be added manually. The MIG welding technique is classified under the category ‘electric arc welding’. This technique uses a melting electrode. MIG/MAG welding uses a constant voltage, in contrast to TIG welding and clad electrode welding, where a constant current is used. MIG/MAG welding is nowadays the most widely used welding process due to its versatility and speed. It is so popular because of its ability to mechanize and robotize, high flexibility and high deposition rate. However, we manufacture it by hand. Like real craftsmen.

Laser and Waterway

With different cutting techniques we can easily cut complex shapes out of random profiles. The cutting techniques we use include laser and water blasting. Waterjet cutting combines precision, strength and therefore a wide range of possibilities. Both in stainless steel, steel and aluminium but also in plastics. The intensity of the laser beam is so great that very narrow and precise slots can be made by melting and evaporating the material. With the sharp laser beam we can cut a large number of metals. We can also engrave by laser, such as logos or texts.

Bending and Setting

By means of bending, we can convert metal into a 3D contour. This requires knowledge about the static load-bearing capacity of different metals. Finishing By means of powder coating or other types of finishing, we ensure that your product has a durable and possibly water-repellent life and is perfectly tuned in the right color. Would you like to have your idea made from steel? Ask about our possibilities. Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call us on (020)-486 64 11.



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