The Student Hotel | Amsterdam

Interior refit of the 13th and highest floor, a new space in the hotel designated to co-working.

The Student Hotel Collab Amsterdam City is located on Knowledge Mile, a buzzing hub of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Their unique coworking space, running from the ground floor all the way up to their new sky-high spaces on the 13th floor, is close to bars, restaurants and the city’s canal ring.

The breathtaking view over the city combined with the strikingly designed interior space is enough to please even the most meticulous of people. Colourful urban student accommodations are well known for their fresh interiors and bold colourways. From the students that live inside them to weekend travellers, co-workers, coffee-grabbers, and everyone in between, it was our challenge was to create a space where they can work and collaborate but also act as a place of comfort. 

We’ve contributed to the refit of this interior by producing and installing various elements to give it an extra WOW factor.

The main custom components produced for this project:

  • Cabinet on the entrance
  • Cushions for lounge spaces
  • Acoustic panels
  • Boxes and lockers
  • Custom cabinets
  • Old toilets renovated a phone box
  • Bathroom sink

Sustainability was a vital part of almost every project at TWO-O, being a hotel for the next generation we felt it was important to produce as many of the components with reused wood where possible. The biggest challenge for us was actually transporting the locker cabinets up the small lift to the floor. The locks of the locker also proved to be a struggle. We had to take extra care when building them and ensure the level of precision was spot on. If it wasn’t, the lock would simply not work.

The Student Hotel:
The Student Hotel is based on the strong belief that students deserved better. Beyond accommodation, they needed an inspiring space to explore their purpose, realise their potential and change the world.


The Student Hotel


Student accommodation interior


To create a space where students can work and collaborate but also act as a place of comfort.



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Name: TWO-O
Street: Elektronstraat 21
Zipcode: 1014 AP
City: Amsterdam