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In collaboration with the Sidestep Shoe store based in Rotterdam, we’ve designed and crafted a sneaker bench inspired by the new Nike Crater Impact. Resembling the shoe, the bench could only be produced from waste materials. With the Crater Impact being manufactured from at least 25% recycled materials by weight, unique design choices are made in order to reduce waste when compared to traditional methods. It was our mission to reflect this degree of sustainability in the design of the bench. The Crater Impact is a part of Nike’s Move to Zero project, which follows their journey towards creating zero carbon and zero waste. Ultimately, to help protect the future of sport.

Giving a second life to old wood and recycled plastics can turn something from nothing into something beautiful. Building with circular and up-cycled materials that lower our footprint is what we believe in. We create ideas and then turn them into 3D models. This is what helps us to deliver the perfect end product. The sneaker’s concept inspired us to think about the function and value of circular materials. It led us to the idea of making a bench with a built-in cabinet for storage, solely made of waste materials. Creating something new and useful from something that was previously regarded as old and useless.

We crafted sustainable office interior elements for Nike a few years ago. It was for their EU Headquarters in Hilversum and we delivered incredible results (see here). To get the opportunity to create something for them once again was truly amazing. The sports brand powerhouse and its attitude towards success is one that we admire here at TWO-O. We believe that our team’s work ethic and quality are right up there with the best. This was demonstrated when we received the brief and learned that the turnaround time for the project was less than 48 hours. Our team was awake until the early hours of the morning, ensuring that the project was signed off before our deadline and not an inch of quality or attention to detail was lacking.

Our concept was to take iconic features of the Crater Impact and apply them to the bench. This included: the midsole’s unique speckled appearance, the upper’s thoughtfully designed and modern straight-edged overlays for construction efficiency and scrap waste reduction and the athletic-inspired silhouette featuring sleek angles. Of course, sustainability was our main goal here, but it had to look good as well. Woven into the wood were shards of orange plexiglass and recycled plastic composites. The sleek angles of the bench reflect a track athlete’s starting blocks, whilst the wavey wooden panelled cabinet door provides the perfect contrast against the sharp angles.

Sustainability is an important part of any project here at TWO-O. We achieve this by reusing old furniture and sourcing specific materials and items. Special attention to eco-friendly products is applied throughout the project. Our custom skills were pushed to the limit with the quick turnaround time of the project. From design to craft, we learned to work and cope under pressure throughout every step of the process and never let it get the better of us. We’ve brought our custom work to a higher level and proven once again that the creativity and resilience of our team of professionals are second to none. This complex construction has been achieved with advanced techniques and handcrafted in our fully equipped workshop based in Amsterdam. We have provided the Sidestep store in Rotterdam with a beautiful new centrepiece all in the name of sustainability. The bench is currently on display in their shop window so if you’re in Rotterdam, go and check it out!

Sidestep Shoes are a German footwear and sports clothing retailer with 8 stores in the Netherlands and over 70 across Europe. They stock all of the top sports brands and have a wide selection of fantastic trainers and products. It was also a pleasure to work alongside their team who we can’t thank enough for getting us on board this awesome brief.


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