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The residence of this project is situated near Rotterdam and has been custom designed and built by the client himself. He bought a plot of land and with the help of his wife, built the house of their dreams for their family.

The impressive house boasts beautiful marble surfaces, stone textured brick walls and gigantic glass windows. It was an honour to be given the opportunity to design the next set of furniture in this state of the art villa-like residence.

The main pieces of furniture created for this project:

  • Walk-in closet
  • Bedroom Storage Cabinet
  • 3 doored Cabinet by entrance

Our talented design team and trusty craftsmen – were set to deliver something rather special and the challenge was quickly accepted for this custom walk-in closet and storage cabinet project. 

And a challenge it soon turned out to be. It turns out installing massive, high-end glass panelled doors up 1 story isn’t exactly a walk in the park. We had to hire a small crane to lift the immense units into position. Nonetheless, we got there in the end. But this wasn’t the last of our problems. When you’re dealing with a luxury household like this one, materials don’t come too cheap. The costs of the quality of material we were using for this project meant there was absolutely no room for any errors whatsoever. One slip up and it would be game over. Furthermore, the client’s design spec for the cabinet doors was predominantly glass which meant that the side slats needed to be as thin as possible. This gave our design team an engineers nightmare as they worked out the perfect width the slats could be whilst still supporting the weight of the heavy glass windows.

Building sustainable quality is the most important part of every project here at TWO-O, also within this project. This was all about class, quality and making something as high-end as possible. Every material we used was unimaginably expensive, from the glass to the real walnut veneer, to the gold HPL and remote control LED lighting inside the cabinets. But wow! What a result and fine experience it was to work with such quality materials.

This project is part of our cabinet label www.inbouwkasten.com


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