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The Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam has become much cozier and healthier with the introduction of the new Poké Perfect restaurant! It would seem that the Hawaiian bowl is a huge success, as this is the fourth restaurant that Poké Perfect have opened recently. As a team, we have worked very hard to transform this location into a stunning establishment.

“By combining craftsmanship with teamwork, a remarkably high-quality appearance was achieved, which we will enjoy for many years to come,” said Quinta Witzel, co-owner of Poké Perfect.

What is Poké Perfect?

For anyone who has never tried eating at Poké Perfect, every Poké spot allows you to put together your own Hawaiian bowl. You can easily create your own healthy meal with raw fish and a favorite topping. Can’t choose? Try the signature bowl. Every restaurant feels like a true oasis of Hawaiian style, due to the many shades of green and the use of natural materials. Poké Perfect as a restaurant formula, taps into the latest food trend and manner in which customers want to be served nowadays.


The Nieuwendijk in the old city center of Amsterdam is home to the oldest monumental buildings of the city. As a result, certain elements in these buildings simply cannot be changed in any way. The architects of TRNSFRM took this into account during their design process and consequently, many beautiful wooden beams in the walls and on the ceilings remain visible. Ultimately, these turned out to be a perfect match with the green vibe of the furniture and the features we custom-made. The elements combined form a perfectly attuned whole. A dark spot in the back of the restaurant proved yet another challenge for us. The lack of daylight in this area was eventually resolved by using an LED system that spreads natural daylight. These smart lights adjust as the day goes on and the light outside changes.


One of the more striking details, and a real eye-catcher, is the long central dining table in the rear of the restaurant constructed out of a massive mahogany tree trunk. In addition, this restaurant also features the familiar walls with ropes and green plants.

Poké Perfect Nieuwendijk

Poké Perfect embraces the natural style of Hawaii, which can be seen and felt in the features of all their restaurants. For us, this project has been a great challenge and has allowed us to show that you can indeed accomplish everything you want when it comes to interior design.

We really enjoyed creating this new Poké Perfect gem and we hope that you will check it out yourself!



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