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Two luxurious bespoke tables designed by the talented Merrith Violette for a residence in Amsterdam.

The first of the two tables was round in shape with stylish chunky cylinder legs. The tabletop was crafted entirely from Solid European Oak Wood which is known for being remarkably strong and durable. Our 5-Axis CNC Machine was used to achieve the perfect circular shape and bevelled edge. As for the cylinder legs, these were made from upcycled MDF and have been oak veneered by hand before being sanded and finished with lacquer.

The second table was much bigger. Inspired by brutalism, its thick harsh edges were crafted by sawing and glueing super chunky upcycled MDF panels. The whopping 3m long tabletop rests upon two square-shaped legs, each with a thickness of 15cm. Finally, the table was finished on location by applying a special coloured plaster to give it that beautiful concrete texture and brutalist aesthetic.

A special thanks to the amazing Merrith Violette for inviting us to collaborate with her on this project. It was a pleasure to play our part. It was great to see the outcomes of both tables come together so well and we hope to embark on more projects like these in the future.

Merrith Violette
Merrith Violette is an interior designer distinguished by her personal approach combined with unique details. Finding the right style and getting to know her clients plays an important role in the process. From there, a concept is made which forms the basis for the entire interior, where every detail has been thought through. Colors, materials and finishes are matched to perfection. By connecting luxury with natural materials, a balance is sought between classic and modern elements.  

”Calm, natural colors combined with surprising details – an interior that ‘fits’, offering peace and security, making it the best place to retreat to.” – Merrith Violette


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