Matcha Mafia | Amsterdam

A cosy cafe interior with a fresh and natural colour palette. 

Matcha Mafia is situated in the trendy Jordaan area just outside of Amsterdam’s city centre. Jordaan is famous for its narrow canals and streets which are flanked by indie boutiques, cosy pubs and hip eateries. Every weekend, stalls at the Noordermarkt square market offer jewellery, clothes, antiques and organic food so the area hosts a lot of competition for the new matcha cafe so it was our job to make it stand out to the masses.

Ideally located, the 60m2 cafe may be a small space but boasts a lovely view over the canal parted street. Our design team started working with Matcha Mafia to create a fresh, natural and fun cafe environment for the matcha latte sippers. This was achieved through the implementation of the copper bar, unique wall tiling, wood and stone which all support their visual identity and further compliment the bright and vibrant colour of matcha. We collaborated with the very talented @shon_price on the wall mural who always delivers on amplifying the mood we create in our interiors.

Sustainability was a vital part of the project, being a matcha cafe their brand has a strong reputation for offering matcha of the highest quality and 100% naturalness and vegan friendly. It was our job to carry this through into the interior concept. This was achieved by re-using MDF and Polish Pine. The biggest challenge for us was being able to maximise space behind the relatively small bar. We brought our custom work to a higher level and proved once again the creativity and resilience of our team of professionals. The complex construction has been achieved with advanced techniques, made with our hands in our Amsterdam-based fully equipped workshop. We have provided the cafe with custom components such as wooden shelving for merchandise, a sitting area fitted with matching cushions and the copper corner bar with an eye-catching white stone countertop.

Matcha Mafia
The concept of Matcha Mafia originally started in the states and was brought over to Amsterdam in 2020. Drinking one cup of matcha is roughly the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of green tea. It’s not jittery like coffee or energy drinks and gives you that kick you need while lasting throughout your day. It’s also super healthy for you. They source their very own proprietary blend of Matcha Mafia ceremonial grade matcha directly from Uji, Japan, which is home to the oldest and most traditional matcha farms in the world.

Shon Price
Shon Price believes that craftsmanship gives us the love and quality where we as a society have so much need for, especially in these times of modernisation. That’s why he designs by using traditional techniques, this means that he mostly works by hand. He designs authentic visual identities such as: wall murals, logos, posters, signs and websites.


Matcha Mafia


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Name: TWO-O
Street: Elektronstraat 21
Zipcode: 1014 AP
City: Amsterdam