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This was a unique build that we contributed towards back in 2019. A year or so later it has now been opened to the public.

This new and long-awaited bridge links Stadhuisplein with Houtveldweg running over the new railway overpass at Zaandam’s Train Station. The bridge was given the nickname ‘De Slinger’ after its sweeping curves.

To build this bridge, hundreds of custom CNC milled wooden sheets and shanks were needed to shape the concrete construction of the bridge. It was a great challenge for us to engineer all the parts and use our CNC facilities to produce them in our workshop. To see the final result come together so well was extremely rewarding.

Sustainability was the whole idea of this project, which was achieved by using only upcycled wood to produce the reinforcements for the concrete. Usually, you would use steel to reinforce concrete, but the brief was to make it as sustainable as possible. This meant that reused pine and plywood wood were the perfect materials for the job. 

Accuracy was key to the success of this project. Each beam and sheet of wood had to be inch-perfect or else we’d face a big problem when coming to installing them. Unlike most of our projects, the aesthetic of the wood didn’t matter because it would not be visible.

The biggest challenge of this project was dealing with the sheer size and weight of the beams. These incredibly heavy pieces are never easy to transport without the correct machinery and knowledge. Thankfully our team had the expertise to pull it off smoothly without the occurrence of any major issues. Hats off to the team for this one.

Maas B.V.
Maas B.V. optimises the collaboration between the departments within one organisation. They have a large number of in-house disciplines from concrete and hydraulic engineering to ground and road construction and pipeline construction and water-retaining layers.


Maas B.V.


Fly-over bridge


CNC milled wooden shanks to reinforce the concrete construction of the bridge.

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