J&J’s | Alkmaar

A fresh interior concept with a Japanese colour palette.

The J&J’s restaurant is situated in the city centre of Alkmaar. Famous for its cheese markets and rich Dutch culture.

The cute family-run business, serves as a typical Dutch Lunchroom by day, offering sandwiches and locally produced cheese. Then by night, the place turns into a Japanese sushi restaurant with a range of traditional family recipes on the menu. To communicate the atmosphere and heritage of J&J’s, we’ve completely refurbished the space. We took elements of Japanese style, carried those through into the interior pieces. To add contrast, once again we collaborated with the incredible artist Shon Price on a huge wall mural featuring Dutch tulips, windmills and cityscape silhouettes.

The main interior pieces created for this project:

  • Bar with Japanese oak wooden slats
  • Dutch-inspired wall mural
  • New lighting and flooring
  • Purple and green upholstered chairs together with oak tables
  • New storefront signage and logo update

Our skilled design team and expert craftsmen couldn’t wait to get stuck into the challenge. After receiving the client’s requests, moodboards and design concepts were proposed. Following the client’s approval, we swiftly got to work on this exciting project.

The biggest challenge we faced with this project was installing the bar. The challenge involved having to build onto the original bar. We’d usually build an entirely new one with a corpus that we knew fitted the front panel. But in this case, we had to make some minor changes on-site so the front panel which we produce fitted with their original bar.

Capturing the essence of Japanese culture was the primary focus of this project. This was all about authenticity and making something look traditional whilst also being functional and sustainable. Every material was carefully considered based on the above, from the Japanese oak wooden slats of the bar to the lighting and flooring, to the purple and green upholstered chairs. The fresh colour palette of green, purple and Japanese pale oak wood was especially great to see. The green is inspired by the hills and mountainous terrain of Japan and the purple is a colour associated with prestige within their culture. The final result came together really well and we were all really proud of our efforts.




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