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On Tuesday 24 July, Hilton Benelux opened the first plastic-free hotel room in the DoubleTree hotel near Amsterdam Central Station. The room is part of the global theme week that Hilton organised together with his partners around the ‘cut down on plastic’ and marks the start of a new era. TWO-O has made an important contribution to this special plastic-free hotel room.

Natural radiance
In the development of the Plastic Free Hotel Room, Hilton went much further than just replacing the single-use plastic items. General Manager Caroline Receveur: “We have tried to replace all items containing plastic with a natural alternative. For example, the carpet has been replaced by a durable wooden floor, the bed has been replaced by a bed made of 100% natural materials and the curtains are made of natural linen. The result is a pleasant space, with a high-quality, natural look. A plastic-free replacement was not available for all of them. For example, we decided to put on a wooden game of chess instead of a television.

Sustainable design
TWO-O, as a partner of HBMEO and the hotel room of the future, was approached for this concept. Earlier this year, TWO-O launched the first line of interior accessories, including the functional coffee table, which was placed in the plastic-free hotel room. Bob Koning: “The table has a double function as a coffee table and desk and therefore fits perfectly in hotel rooms where space is generally scarce. It is also plastic-free! In addition, the lamps and bed tables from the new collection were given a place in the room and TWO-O designed a unique chair that was made from only wood and steel.

Educational process
Caroline Receveur: “For us, the creation of the room was a very instructive process. It made us look at the facts about how much plastic there is in all the stuff around us and made us a lot more fanatic about reducing the use of plastic in our hotel. If there is one sector in which you can achieve major effects with relatively small changes, it is the hotel sector. We are trying to join forces with both the Hilton hotels and our Amsterdam fellow hoteliers, because only in this way can we ensure the necessary cultural change.

600.000 Plastic bottles
Hilton has already decided to abolish the use of plastic water bottles in meeting rooms. In the Benelux hotels alone, this led to a reduction of 600.000 PET bottles per year. The use of plastic straws has also been discontinued, which means that 552.000 straws do not disappear into the waste every year. These are important steps, but not enough according to the Belgian and Dutch Hilton hotels.

New era
During the Global Week of Service, all Hilton hotels in the Benelux meet with suppliers and experts to see what else they can do to curb the use of single-use plastic. The intention is for a number of major steps to be taken by the end of the year. The plastic water bottles at the reception and in the minibars will be replaced by refillable bottles from Join the Pipe, the plastic pens will be replaced by pencils that you can plant after use and the hotels will switch to refillable soap dispensers. The first plastic-free hotel room marks a new era.

The Hilton Plastic Free Hotel Room is made possible in part by Bebo Vloeren, COCO-MAT, Dutch Home Fabrics, Hans Grohe, Silvaluxe and TWO-O. The room is rented out to guests of DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station, with part of the proceeds going to the Plastic Soup Foundation.

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