Giambonini | Den Haag

Nostalgic Italian Restaurant Interior.

Giambonini has recently relocated their Italian Focaccia & coffee bar to the centre of Den Haag. The family business originates from Liguria, Italy. To further communicate the atmosphere and heritage of Giambonini, we’ve built on the overall mood of the space. We’ve blended the two very different worlds of Liguria and Den Haag into one.

The restaurant not only serves delicious food and coffee but special Italian ingredients to add an authentic Italian flavour to your own cooking. It was a great honour to be given the brief to design the new interior for this intimate, nostalgic restaurant. To add to the nostalgic look and feel, we used vintage materials such as reused oak and Italian tiles. Also, serval photographs of the old city of Deg Haag and Italy have been framed and hung on a wall. Customers can sit and gaze up at these to indulge in a world of Italian and Dutch heritage.

The main interior pieces created for this project:

  • Bar with wooden slats and HI-MACS countertop
  • Display unit for proper Italian ingredients that are for sale
  • Comfortable coffee area
  • Display book cabinet with seating area

Our talented design team and trusty craftsmen couldn’t wait to get stuck into the challenge. After receiving the client’s requests, moodboards and design concepts were well underway and much to their delight.

Despite this project being right up our street, we did find ourselves having to tackle some minor struggles. Whilst the old building certainly provided some beautiful aesthetics when it came to installation the age of the building proved to be a little inconvenient. Building on wonky floorboards didn’t make life easy for the team. However, it was a task that we tackled in the end which gave us a great feeling. This project was also one of the first that our new design intern worked on so she was still learning the ropes of our company and the way we operate. Despite it being a learning curve, her hard work and dedication have now seen her develop into an exceptionally talented young professional.

Sustainability is at the heart of every project here at TWO-O and this one was no exception. This was all about authenticity and making something look traditional whilst also being functional and sustainable. Every material we used was selected based on the above, from the glass to the real walnut veneer, to the gold HPL and remote control LED lighting inside the cabinets. The final result was something very special and one we’re really proud of. You instantly feel the fusion of both cities and it’s something that warms your heart.




Italian Restaurant Interior


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