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In collaboration with the young and innovative architects of APTO we have turned an intimate music studio, and bar design for Eden Hotel Amsterdam into reality. As part of the brand new design of the eclectic hub, a hidden gem and extravagant hotel experience in the beating heart of Amsterdam has been crafted. 

Designed and crafted with keen eye for detail the space suited for private events, has the gusto to truly impress. A fusion of foolproof smart interior design and a touch of creative craftsmanship has led to the ultimate music studio experience. A sanctuary for music lovers to escape and draw inspiration from. 

Hidden in the basement of Eden Hotel Amsterdam the music studio is equipped with all kinds of smart solutions. APTO challenged us in integrating elements that have never been done before. Thoughtfully-organised in our craftsmanship we have been able to cultivate the space by repurposing it effectively – upcycling the space into a haven of sheer delight. Created the ultimate experience in a high-end music studio interior, one can immerse oneself comfortably in an intimate setting. 

From 2D to 3D technical design, to hand-made elements of the best carefully selected top notch materials wood, marble and messing. We have been able to make optimum use of our knowledge of material processing. With oak veneer subtle green lacquered making the grain stand out, and marble perfectly milled. The bar design is resulting in a stunning custom-made eye catcher with integrated sound systems and marble top, where the veins run through the marble.  The space provides the perfect environment for intimate performances. Equipped with vinyl storaging panteries, comfortable seating corners and custom made acoustic panels, for the best possible surrounding result. 

A place where the best music studio’s can organize their future private events, and artists can record in a private recording studio.

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Apto Architects 

APTO Architects are young and innovative architects and developers based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. APTO is on a mission to create the new generation of living, working & leisure and the way they build them. Collaborating together aiming to invest with the future in mind on connecting users to places and finding new ways of construction.

Eden Hotel Amsterdam 

The Eden Hotel Amsterdam is an eclectic hub for tourists, digital nomads and business guests: an energetic melting pot in the beaten heart of Amsterdam for guests who seek experiences, but also who’d like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city once in a while.

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Eden Hotel Amsterdam


Music studio and bar interior


Functional interior for music studio and bar design



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Name: TWO-O
Street: Elektronstraat 21
Zipcode: 1014 AP
City: Amsterdam