Custom-made interior Houthavens

Custom-made interior Houthavens | Amsterdam

For a young family living in the beautiful newly built neighborhood ‘the Houthavens’ in Amsterdam, we made a sleek and modern custom interior. The narrow, modern house demanded an efficient use of space during this project. For TWO-O it was a nice challenge to use smart solutions to create an exciting, sleek and modern interior, without losing sight of the goal of creating a coherent vibe.

Creating a lot of storage space became an essential part within this project. All the cabinets in the interior were custom made and cleverly built so that they fit perfectly into the narrow home. Like the storage closet under the stairs with harmonic doors. These doors make sure that the cabinet in the narrow hallway can be used in a pleasant way.

Besides making efficient use of the space for the cabinets during this project, we’ve also created a cozy niche, which is the perfect spot to relax with a good book or a cup of coffee and enjoy the view from the comfort of your own home. 

By using an alternating color palette for the TV cabinet in the living room (Oak veneer with Tmatt Lignite HPL), the kitchen (Green Decolegno HPL) and the sitting area (Pink Kvadrat upholstery), the spacious first floor is divided into different zones, each with its own purpose. Through the use of matching materials and perfectly matched colors, the first floor remains a cohesive environment without losing its playfulness.

Within this project it was important to create a clean and modern environment. By creating handleless cabinets and drawers throughout the house, the interior has a calm appearance. This gave us the opportunity to create a varied look by building a number of open compartments without the interior becoming too busy. The subtle LED lighting in the kitchen and the open compartments make the design super chic. 

Sustainable quality construction is the most important part of every project at TWO-O, including this one. This project was about creating a modern, functional, contrasting and  high quality interior. Every material we used was of the highest quality, from the oak veneer and solid oak to the LED lighting in the cabinets. 

The entire interior was incredibly precisely produced. Every single door, shelf and drawer is in line to the millimeter. And it shows! The precision and care that the TWO-O production team put into this project are definitely reflected in the final product. This makes us proud to look back on this fantastic project!

This project was designed by: Studio Maak




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Name: TWO-O
Street: Elektronstraat 21
Zipcode: 1014 AP
City: Amsterdam