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An eco friendly and warm office space. 

The Commonland office is situated in the unique building ‘ ‘’t Kraanspoor’, by architect Trude Hooykaas, in Amsterdam Noord. In the previous century, the supertankers of the Nederlandse Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (NDSM – Dutch Docking and Shipbuilding Company) were docked and finished along this 270 metre long, reinforced concrete construction. 

Ideally located, the 280 m2 office floors have a beautiful panoramic view over the port. The impressive view during installation came familiar to us, since they are practically neighbors of ADAM&Co., – representing a community of curious and ingenious minds from Amsterdam and far beyond. Which underlines today’s allure of Amsterdam Noord. 

Previous collaboration of D/DOCK’s design team and our craftsmen team –  in the interior projects Impraise and Boersema –  has proven to deliver great results. Therefore, the challenge was once again quickly accepted for this eco friendly office space interior project. 

D/dock’s design team started working with Commonland to create a circular, warm, natural and eco friendly work environment for the Commonland crew. In respect to the architecture of the building, they made use of the special lines and highlighted the qualities, such as the alignment of the acoustic panels and light fixtures and the placement of the meeting rooms.

Sustainability is an important part of the project, that is achieved by re-using existing furniture and sourcing specific materials and items. Special attention to eco friendly products has been put throughout the project. It challenged us in our custom skills since existing elements needed to be combined with custom-made elements in order to create the ultimate work environment. We brought our custom work to a higher level and proved once again the creativity and resilience of our team of professionals. The complex construction has been achieved with advanced techniques, made with our hands in our Amsterdam-based fully equipped workshop. We have provided the office with custom objects such as acoustic panels, a fully equipped kitchen, (divider) cabinets, sitting area fitted with matching cushions and the cooking island an eye catcher with marble top. 

Commonland is an initiator, catalyst and enabler of large scale and long term landscapes restoration projects, based on the 4 Returns model, each restored landscape delivers: inspiration, social, natural and financial returns. Founded by ecologist Willem Ferwerda and entrepreneur Wijnand Pon, Commonland has a mission to transform degraded landscapes into thriving ecosystems and communities for at least 20 years.They are involved in various projects all over the world.

D/dock is a spatial and conceptual design community with an international edge that creates honest, beautiful and effective spaces for a wide range of leading organisations.




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Name: TWO-O
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