Broadwater Yacht | Amsterdam

For the Broadwater Yacht built in Amsterdam by Feadship we have designed and built custom-made furniture in line with talented yacht designer Adam Voorhees’ concept. The design is perfectly attuned to the luxurious yacht and its guests. The Broadwater yacht has undergone an extensive conversion with the renewed design concept, in which quality and charter capability are central. 

The Broadwater’s new refit has already proven to impress the owner and his team with our yacht furniture design. The sleek, elegant design packed with natural wood colours and materials, saw us in the element of our craft. But we still continue to increase our knowledge of materials and push our techniques to the limit. Resulting in a high-end luxurious set of yacht furniture.

The following furniture was made for the Broadwater yacht:

  • 2 modular beach tables with a foldable steel frame and tops made of Iroko wood
  • 1 dresser cabinet for the Gym room made of Iroko wood
  • 1 boat step made of solid Iroko wood

We have been able to use all facets of our techniques. We have pushed our 3D drawing talents and modern machines to the limit again. Then finished with eye for detail by hand. From wood engraving, letters milled out and lasered in wood to the unique solid wood used in the pieces of furniture. 

From 3D sketching to technical drawing, we manufactured all designed elements by hand and machines in our advanced workshop in Amsterdam with our multidisciplinary team of professional craftsmen and women. We were able to deliver custom work which we then installed on-site with care and attention. The result was pieces of furniture packed with a passion for modern craftsmanship and a love for natural materials.

Feadship Broadwater Yacht
This top of the line yacht, built by luxury yacht builder Feadship in Amsterdam, where meticulous work and creativity has combined to create this floating sanctuary sleeping up to 14 guests.

Photos by TWO-O and Onne van der Wal


Feadship Broadwater Yacht


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Challenge: To convert the yacht into a “modern and liveable home away from home”

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