Bespoke Epoxy Dining Table | Amsterdam

A luxuriously glossy dining room table custom built for a residence in Amsterdam.

Cut from a thick, chunky piece of high-grade Palisander veneer, this gorgeous table was created using a range of advanced techniques in our workshop. Firstly, the tabletop itself as well as each of its legs and to be precisely cut to the correct measurements. The only way to do this with such precision is to use top of the range 5-axis CNC technology. Thankfully, our joiners are equipped with this facility and the know-how to execute the process with no margin for error.

The next step of the process was to sand and finish each part of the table. This is where we combine modern machining with traditional hand craftsmanship techniques to ensure every inch of the table has been checked thoroughly and up to our high-quality standards. Simple hand tools such as ultra-fine graded sandpaper were used to smooth the surface. The final step of this process was to finish the surface of the Palisander veneer with a good glazing. 3 layers of epoxy resin were applied to give it that gorgeous, reflective appearance. We even built a special epoxy room for this process because Epoxy is super sensitive to temperature and at the time it was the middle of winter.

Once the epoxy was set, we could begin the assembly process. This can sometimes be one of the hardest parts to get right because you’re so eager to complete the project that it’s easy to lose focus. You’re almost so close to the finish line that you trip up at the final hurdle which would be a catastrophe. Our experienced craftsmen and women already know the importance of not letting their foot off the gas at this stage and carefully assemble each piece on-site with no problems whatsoever.

We really loved working on this project and the final outcome was remarkably impressive.


Residence interior


Bespoke dining table finished with Epoxy to create a gorgeous glossy surface.



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Name: TWO-O
Street: Elektronstraat 21
Zipcode: 1014 AP
City: Amsterdam