Apollo Hotel | Amsterdam

Transformed 174 hotel rooms in 8 days

The 4-star Apollo Hotel is located in Amsterdam South on the Zuider-Amstel Canal. Since 1961, this centrally located luxury hotel has been the operating base for many tourists who come to visit the city. In collaboration with CRE8, the Apollo Hotel has devised a new theme for all hotel rooms inspired by the 1928 Olympics when the hotel hosted the Games.

An achievement of Olympic proportions

CRE8 is a specialist in the design and production of wall decoration and in this project there was a huge challenge to provide 174 hotel rooms with a complete restyling and fixing of new wall panels in 8 days. This had to be done while the hotel remained open for its guests 24/7. Here came our specialty where TWO-O filled in and managed a very tight planning during the transformation. With a team of modern creators we transformed an average of 22 rooms per day and made sure that the new wall decoration was perfectly placed.

No photo wallpaper but dibond photo panels: Faster and cost-saving

For the hotel rooms, CRE8 produced special Dibond photo panels that could be placed over the existing wallpaper in the hotel rooms. The advantage of these panels is the time savings compared to the installation of photo wallpaper. This time saving was essential and ultimately cost saving. The panels were milled in order per room and numbered. The total project involved 2500m2 of Dibond panels consisting of 696 unique prints. During the project, the stairs and the elevator could not be used, so all panels were accurately lifted with a crane and special wood buck on all seven floors.

Teamwork and good preparation are the key to success.

In order for a project of this size to succeed, work preparation is key. During this project, our project manager was continuously in contact with the end customer, with TWO-O having a team of 12 mechanics on standby daily, starting at 6.00 in the morning and ensuring that a complete floor was transformed each day and could be rented again from 19.00 in the evening. The team first made sure that all the wall panels were fixed accurately and professionally and then unpacked all the new furniture and decorated the rooms. After the cleaning team the rooms were ready for rent again.


Printing Ambitions, that’s our motto. CRE8 believes that there is a solution for every ambition. To be able to offer that solution, you always have to be able to innovate in the technical field and think creatively. At CRE8, innovation and creativity are therefore of paramount importance. It has to be, because customers’ questions are becoming more and more specific and complex. And we love that.


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