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Unique Office interior Impraise 2019

We have produced and installed a unique and stylish office interior in cooperation with D/DOCK for the company Impraise. With this assignment we aimed to reflect the vision of Impraise (people and growth) in the project. Thanks to the design of D/DOCK and the outstanding cooperation between all parties, we have a beautiful and stylish result.


The almost ‘plug & play’ rooms with a warm and natural atmosphere exude a mix of modern and authentic style. The colourful and daring office solutions are manufactured in our workshop and installed on location by our team with modern craftsmanship.



With this project we have within the design of design community D/DOCK the production of custom furniture realized with modern craftsmanship and love for natural materials. This assignment with subtle office solutions included ‘train seats’, tables, sofas, lounge areas, kitchens, cabinets and screens that divide different spaces.



The furniture is made of plywood and then lacquered and upholstered within the unique color palette. The two-storey office has different configurations, optimizing the environment for feedback culture and knowledge sharing. Besides producing, we installed the interior on location and delivered a nice full-service.



D/DOCK is a spatial and conceptual design community with an international focus that creates honest, beautiful and effective spaces for a wide range of top organisations including Impraise.


Impraise is a young technology company dedicated to strengthening Human Resources Management. They have built the People Enablement Platform, where employees can create a culture of feedback and knowledge sharing within their organisation.

More about D/DOCK: https://www.ddock.com/

More about Impraise: https://www.impraise.com/

More about our projects: www.two-o.com/blog