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TWO-O selected for the Dutch Design Lounge Interieur 2018 Kortrijk

TWO-O is selected for the Biennale Interieur 2018 Kortrijk from October 18th – October 22nd, as part of the Dutch Design Lounge, the presentation highlights in the subsector upcycling and functional redesign, 10 Dutch Designers. For the presentation the Johan Cruijf Arena Limited Chair by TWO-O is selected. 

Second life

Modern craftsmanship meets sustainable thought. Sustainability in materials and also in crafting. There is a growing demand for second life furniture and this is exactly what happened to the (old) chairs from the Arena stadium of Amsterdam, chairs that have been redesigned by upcycling and restyling while retaining the characteristics of the original chair. With these chairs we contribute to the Ajax Foundation, which works for underprivileged young people. The Arena chair is limited available in red, orange and blue. With an ode to Johan Cruijff, every colour is available 14 times via our webshop


When the message reached us the chairs of the Amsterdam Arena were going to be sold, we knew immediately that we had to do something with this. There are few things more Amsterdam than the interior of the Arena. And there are few things more TWO-O than interior and Amsterdam. The idea we had, got a last push when the farewell message from our Mayor Eberhard crossed our minds. Take good care of each other and Amsterdam. We found it too easy to just say: I like! That’s why we decided to continue our idea.

On top of that, the new destination for the stadium seats is the ultimate form of sustainability. Upcycling the seats means not only being sweet to each other and the city, but also being sweet to the environment. That’s something we all benefit from.


The Dutch Design Lounge at the Biennale Interieur Kortrijk, stand L09 in hal 4, opens at Thursday morning at October 18th, 10am, Kortrijk.

About the Dutch Design Lounge

The Dutch Design Lounge at the Biënnale Interieur Kortrijk is an initiative by the Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in Belgium and the Nederlandse Export Combinatie (NEC) in collaboration with curator Yksi Connect.