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Circulair company restaurant for The Hague located office

Commissioned by Staedion, a housing corporation in the region of The Hague, we have given the company restaurant interior a new look. A circulair interior designed and crafted by TWO-O. The whole interior is made of re-used wood and upcycled furniture. A no-waste policy was applied which means we also recycled the existing furniture.

The interior concept gives the company restaurant a warm and natural look, with warm light and different types of wooden elements. The new interior is in line with Steadion’s mission ‘together at home’. We redecorated the space with tables of recycled wood and table legs, circular furniture, pillars of recycled wood and mobile divider cabinets of steel and wood. The mix of wood, includes recycled underlayment, pine wood and birch plywood gives makes it a one-of-a-kind restaurant interior. The LED bulb pendants create a warm and vibrant atmosphere and invite the Staedion team to connect and recharge.

For the production of the restaurant interior, we were able to use our knowledge of design and materials. We then produced the design using modern craftsmanship supported by modern technology, such as our advanced laser, 5-axis CNC, and sawing machine. Then finished and installed efficiently with an eye for detail.

Circulair craftsmanship

Reuse and upcycling of existing furniture and residual wood – a no-waste policy stood central in this office interior concept.  An important principle of a circular economy is that the remnant of one product is the raw material for another. According to this principle, the interior of the company restaurant Staedion in The Hague was designed and produced by us. With residual wood we made the interior by means of modern craftsmanship. With our extensive knowledge of materials, experience in craftsmanship and support by modern technology such as our 5-axis cnc machine, we have realized this interior project.

In the design process we thought about the life cycle and how existing parts can come back in the chain. We have been able to reuse wood and parts and thus give material and interior a new life.  During the design process, we worked out how we could reduce the use of materials in order to minimise the impact on the environment. This preserves the value of the material and even increases its value by giving it a new function.

An easily disassembled product, such as the tables, can easily be returned to the chain. This extends the lifespan of the extracted raw materials.  The residual wood is used in the tables, pillars and mobile room dividers, creating a nice and warm interior.  We are keen on being challenged in the use of  bio-based materials for upcoming projects, to use compounds, to maintain them and to take the dismountable to the next level. Keep an eye on our blog to see how it will develop further.

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