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Meaningful ideas and smart solutions central at INTERIEUR 2018

The 26th Interior Biennale, Kortrijk, set up a curated and selected range of companies and talent that make their own substantive statement, we were invited to participate in this event. The use of new, environmentally friendly materials is encouraged. Companies that provide meaningful ideas and smart solutions for a better living environment receive a central place. With our products and working method we try to make a substantive statement, TWO-O was therefore invited to participate in this event as part of the Dutch Design Lounge, curated by Yksi Connect.



How can a brand be meaningful? Its impact on our personal and collective well-being plays an important role. A brand must also have an educational, informative and inspiring role. More than ever, ecological impact and an environmental awareness are indispensable. – Dieter Van Den Storm, project- en creatief coördinator INTERIEUR 2018

It is not only social responsibility that plays a part when it talking about quality. Today it is no longer sufficient to create a good-looking, well-performing product.  It has to make life easier, simpler or more valuable, not only when it come to society, family and work but also in terms of healthcare, wellbeing or financial strength. In short, we are increasingly on the lookout for added value and quality.

“Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works”.- Steve Jobs

The Biennale Interieur has been bringing talent and established brands together for years. INTERIEUR 2018 is looking for meaningful answers.


Substantive statement

At TWO-O we embrace modern craftsmanship, handmade with a visible love for materials. Sustainability in materials and also in the way we work, that is what we think is important. There is a growing demand for second life furniture and this is exactly what happened to (old) chairs from the Arena stadium in Amsterdam, chairs that have been redesigned by upcycling and restyling while retaining the characteristics of the original chair. With these chairs, we contribute to the Ajax Foundation, which works for underprivileged young people.


The new destination for the stadium seats is the ultimate form of sustainability. Upcycling the seats is not only about the meaning to social impact, as symbol for the Dutch, as well being meaningful for a better living environment.  That’s something we all benefit from. Not only is our Arena chair in line with this substantive statement, our entire collection and productions are in line with this philosophy. Curious about our working method? Please contact us.