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Let’s Ride! Custom-made office interior for Dott

For the new office of e-step tech scale-up Dott, located in Amsterdam Zuid, we have recently delivered a custom-made office design. Based on the design of Studio Appelo and with the help of modern craftsmanship, we quickly produced and installed a functional office design for this fast-growing scale-up.

Since last month a number of new companies have been established in the Tripolis building. Including Dott, the company that focuses on improving urban life in Europe. In order to design the office in line with the company’s vision, we have worked with environmentally conscious materials. The specially designed interior concept of Studio Appelo lends itself perfectly to this.

In a short period of time we have built a sustainable and functional interior for Dott. We were able to make optimal use of our modern working methods in this respect. The interior includes handy ‘phone booths’ to dial in and work in, ‘research labs’ where the team of Dott develops products, a spacious open kitchen to connect and a meeting and/ or lunch table that is mobile, assembled with the same wheels as those of the e-steps. The grass tiles provide a green character within this playful interior concept.


For this design we have worked with durable materials such as pine plywood and steel. During this project we were able to show our experience in the field of technical drawing, project management, production and installation. We were able to realise the production through an efficient approach with the support of our modern technology, including the 5-axis cnc machine.

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Production and installation by TWO-O commissioned by Studio Appelo  for Dott,  Amsterdam, 2019.
Photography: Jasper van Staveren