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Office interior of reclaimed wood

For the brand new office of an installation company which is located adjacent to the nature reserve of the industrial zone Bloeidaal in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, we have produced and installed a unique office interior with design by D/DOCK. A challenging project in which we made every detail of reclaimed wood.

The design, with the natural environment integrated in the concept, includes an extensive fully equipped office kitchen with cooking island made of reclaimed wood and unique size stainless steel top. The back wall made of the same wood creates together with the island a soothing view in line with the natural environment. The reclaimed wooden three-storey meeting room tribune, serves for optimal use during meetings, presentations as well as workspace with integrated power points. These designs support an optimal working environment in both use and experience. When we saw D/Dock’s designs, we were immediately excited. These are the challenging projects where you have to take a good look at how to get the best result out of recycled material.

The eye catchers are custom-made produced with love for natural sustainable material and modern craftsmanship in our workshop in Amsterdam, with our hands and support of our CNC machine. The fact that there is a lot of craftwork in this project can be seen from all the different wooden strips that come from old pallets. It’s like one big puzzle that has to fit together seamlessly. It was difficult to let the slats merge nicely in the doors of the kitchen. In the end we succeeded made this office kitchen the center of attention.


D/DOCK is a spatial and conceptual design community with an international edge that creates honest, beautiful and effective spaces for a wide range of leading organisations.