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The A’DAM&Co. bar optimization 2019

The A’DAM tower, who doesn’t know it? A’DAM is the iconic tower that many people of Amsterdam immediately recognize as part of the city. After a massive renovation, this legendary building has been transformed into an iconic and multifunctional tower that adorns the skyline of Amsterdam.

On the 18th floor you’ll find the inclusive award-winning members club for the Amsterdam creative spirit: A’DAM&Co.

For A’DAM&Co., we at TWO-O have delivered unique customization. The floor exudes a peaceful atmosphere with, among other things, the impressive wooden ‘Tree of life’ design. With that atmosphere in mind we have optimized the use of the bar by restyling it with the necessary new parts.

Optimization in style

For the A’DAM&Co. bar, we also designed, produced and installed indispensable (movable) components. We designed this so that the use of the bar works optimally during peak hours. Optimization in style is very important for TWO-O. That is why we have put extra time into the design to make everything as smooth as possible.

Functional designs

Our extended coffee corner designs, LED illuminated spirits displays, steel wine glass rack and moveable, multi-functional cocktail bar make the award-winning club’s bar a lot easier and more stylish to use. All of these parts were produced in our workshop in Amsterdam with passion for modern craftsmanship and support for modern technology.

The A’dam Club

The 18th floor of the A’DAM tower offers space to A’DAM&Co. The inclusive members club. The floor exudes a cozy and quiet atmosphere. The club also has a spectacular roof terrace with an unforgettable 360° view over Amsterdam. Despite all the splendor and beauty, it is the members who make A’DAM&Co what is is. The community of curious minds from Amsterdam and far beyond are central here.

More about A’DAM&Co.: www.adamand.co

More about our projects: www.two-o.com/blog