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At TWO-O we embrace modern craftsmanship. We create products in an authentic way with wood and metal. Sustainable wood and metal that lasts longer. Sustainability isn’t a goal but a necessity. 

We breathe craftsmanship and we strive to show this in all designs we make here in Amsterdam. Everything comes together in our sustainable design. Pure craftsmanship, passion, and beauty. With this, we show that quality always wins from quantity. We don’t just believe it, we know it.


We modernize craftsmanship


We design and make everything possible with the power of modern craftsmanship.

We design, we make and we give back

The biggest problems on earth are continuous problems. 1 Billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Every year, 3 Million children die from the lack of water. While this water often is in the vicinity, it’s not accessible. TWO-O works together with 168Million to tackle this problem.

Why this problem?

The importance of the earth is almost constantly underestimated. Especially within the parts where nature is almost entirely under control. In most poor parts of the world that underestimation is not an option. 60 Million kids can’t go to school because they need to get water far away. In dry areas, communities are completely dependent on the weather and its impact on nature. The construction of our water pump is going to change this permanently for about 1,300 people in Uganda.

Why 168Million?

Why strongly believe in teaching someone instead of offering him a turnkey solution. 168Million gives people pointers to self-improve their living conditions. The construction of the water pump is a perfect example of this mindset. The pump is built with the community. Materials used are bought from a local supplier. This makes sure the community profits the most this project. Projects like this help them face their biggest challenges in an efficient way. Resulting in time for improvement of sports, culture, and economy.

Why now?

Because of TWO-O’s growth, we are now in a position where we can help others. Also, our years of experience in producing and crafting is really started to count now. We learned the skills that can help people built a water pump, a hen house or a house. Passing on these skills would be an awesome step in the future! TWO-O is only at the beginning of collaborations and attempts to mean something for those who need it the most.



Bob - CEO
Rodny - CTO
Joep - Operations Manager
Javier - Design Manager
Filippo - Designer
Maria - Designer
Sarah - Designer
Ben - Creative Designer
Kirsten - Sales & Account Manager
Tom - Sales & Account Manager
Mark - Financial Administration
Dyllan - Financial Administration
David - Technical manager
Matthijs - Project Engineer
Ronald - CNC Operator
Ramon - Production